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International Pheromone Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of insect trapping systems with 30 years of experience in formulating semiochemicals and manufacturing traps. Our goal is to promote an overall more effective, economical and sustainable system using semiochemicals to manage pests based on scientific integrated pest management principles. Throughout our company history, we have worked closely with research institutes and commercialised trapping systems to monitor and control insect pests using semiochemicals.

Our expertise lies in formulating semiochemicals into controlled release dispensers and manufacturing a variety of plastic traps to use in conjunction with the attractant.


IPS Traps

IPS Delta TrapIPS Unitrap IPS McPhail Trap     water trap landing1


IPS Trapping Systems


Fly 2


IPS Trapping Systems
for Fruit Flies 


IPS Trapping System
for Wasps



IPS Trapping System
for Drosophila suzukii


Contact IPS for information on our insect trapping systems.


IPS Pheromone List

A list of 100+ pheromone dispensers can be found on our Pheromone List .


IPS Services


New Product Development

We are always interested in working closely with researchers, agronomists and growers to develop new trapping systems using semiochemicals. Whether you have an idea that might revolutionise the industry or an one that might improve our current trapping system, we would love to hear from you.


Please contact us for more information.

Toll Manufacturing

Our highly trained production team practises good manufacturing practise in the factory and laboratory. We are happy to formulate, manufacture and package pheromone dispensers and traps following your specifications. We can include your company logo on the packaging, or pack your goods in 10s if required. IPS currently provide toll manufacturing for several large multinational companies and distributors so if you are looking for a toll manufacturer or would like to outsource the production, contact us now.

Sponsoring Academic Research

We have collaborated with many research institutes and universities around the world, offering our products at a discounted/wholesale price. As a company, IPS fully supports any research that will help to increase the production of high quality crops and reduce the reliance of chemical sprays. Contact us to find out how we can work together.

Technical and Marketing Support

If you are interested in representing IPS and distributing our products to your network or territory, we would be more than happy to supply technical and marketing materials to help with introducing our products into a new market. Contact us for more information.

Why choose IPS?

Here at IPS we stand for quality, consistency and efficiency. For more information about what makes us different, click here.

For a full list of all the pheromone's we offer, visit our Pheromone Listing page.

We accept payments through Worldpay

We use the globally recognised payment company, Worldpay to take payments from customers over the phone. Their systems provide a simple, secure commerce system that can take payments in any currency.

Call us on 0151 363 7060 for details.

Our Accreditations

Visit our Affiliations page for more information about our accreditations.

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IPS is ISO certified

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+44 (0)151 363 7060



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